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Planned litter for June of 2024

Possibility of Black Brindle, brindle parti, Black Sable, Sable parti,

Red/Apricot/Cream/White solids and partis

​Expected sizes 45-65 lbs.   $2500.00

We breed and sell health tested AKC / UKC Standards Poodles in Solid, Parti, Brindle, Sable, Agouti, Tri and Phantom

State of Wisconsin licensed & inspected: 468716-DS

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns always feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Don't forget to order your vitamins before your puppy comes home! 

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We are accepting deposits on our 2 upcoming litters.  


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Puff.  Available male. 

Tricolor parti/phantom  2500.00


di .41/.51, 50 lbs.  Clear

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McJare's Enchanted Beauty of the Palace


Health tested and clear

Hips xrayed

Planned litter for April of 2024

Possibility of Black solid, parti, phantom and tri. Brown solid, parti, phantom and tri.  White/cream/apricot/red solid and parti 

​Expected sizes 25-40 lbs.   $2500.00

McJare's Majestic Legendary Kirin


Health tested and clear


​CHIC 193647